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Mel Auberty Bio

Mel received her BFA from SMU in 1979. After graduation, she worked for American Airlines as a graphic designer and photographer. Later, Auberty directed and owned galleries in New York City and Los Angeles. In ’92, Mel moved back to Texas. Inspired anew by the rugged landscape - big sky, woods, rocks, animals - she began living and working at her family ranch. Thus began her deeper journey into sculpting and painting. Known for her large, expressionistic blue horse paintings, her work is in many corporate and private collections.

Artist’s Statement

My work springs from the touch and smell of Texas soil - a childhood spent immersed in nature - animals, antlers, rocks, bones. I do not, however, seek to recreate, but to generate an image that speaks a new language – one that the viewer responds to through a kind of sense memory.  


I call myself an abstract painter because in truth that is what all artists are. We can only invent with our hands and hearts what is intrinsically true – to us – and what is profoundly significant beyond our own identity.


2023  The Collective - New Paintings Gallery 123, Dallas

2022 NUDE - 7 Artists Life Drawing exhibition Gallery 123, Dallas

2021 Transformed-Group Exhibition

2020 Paintings and Bronzes The Conservatory, Dallas

2018 Group Exhibition Bee Street Gallery Ft. Worth

2016  Force of Nature with Larry Whiteley Gallery One Two Three

2015  Head 2 Head Collaborative Gallery One Two Three

2015  Six Artists Gallery One Two Three
2014  Group Exhibition  Bee Street Gallery
2014  Group Exhibition  White Buffalo Gallery 

2013 New Works White Buffalo Gallery

2013 LuminArte Gallery "Texas Rugged and Shiny"

2012 Andelon Gallery Group Exhibition

2012 Dallas Contemporary Museum Bespoke Exhibit/Auction

2011 Norwood/Flynn Gallery Solo Exhibition "100 Horses"

2011 "Ritual" Collaborative Show 11/11/11

2011 Norwood/Flynn Gallery Group Exhibition

2011 Norwood/Flynn Gallery "New Works" Solo Exhibition

2010 Norwood/Flynn Gallery Works on Paper

2009 "Body Language" Figurative Art Exhibit

2009 Norwood/Flynn Gallery Works on Paper

2009 Andelon Gallery Group Show

2008 Norwood/Flynn Gallery One Woman Show "Shelter"

2007 Andelon Gallery "New Works" Solo Exhibit

2007 Dallas Contemporary Member Exhibit

2006 Debris Gallery

2005 DCCa Group Exhibit

2004 Found Gallery Open Studio/Exhibit

2004 Artifact Gallery Group Exhibition

2003 Found Gallery Open Studio Exhibit

2003 Corcoran Gallery Group Exhibit

2002 DCCA Group Exhibit

2001 Found Gallery "Three Women, One Show"


Meridian Capital Corporation, Dallas

Legacy Medical Complex, Plano

Independence Medical Village, Plano

Southwest Medical Village, Austin

Pegasus Bank, Dallas

Bank of Texas, Dallas

Security National Bank of Texas, Dallas

Wilco Properties, Inc., Dallas

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Leiser

Mr. and Mrs. John Tolleson

Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Barbier-Mueller

Dr. Alex Bermeister

Mr. and Mrs. Brad Oldman

Ms. Cynthis Collins

Mr. and Mrs. Curt Boifontaine

Mr. and Mrs. H. Champlin

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Whiteley

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Vaughn

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Kerr

Mr. and Mrs. Mark McKinley

Mrs. Henry C. Beck

Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Mai

Mr. and Mrs. Noah Hansford

Mrs. Fay Walker

Mr. and Mrs. R. Lambourn

Mrs. Sara Potts

Mrs. Anne Mercer

Mrs. Deon Scheinberg

Mr. Darrell Osborn

Mr. Kyle Bass

Mr. and Mrs. Dow Crocker

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